How to care for your jewellery 💚 January 15 2017

Over my many years in the jewellery trade I've learnt a trick or two when it comes to the handling n care for your precious (and costume) pieces. Jewellery says so much about who you are, it's highly personal and in order for it to last, you need to take care of it.

The following is a list of jewellery do's n don'ts:

☠ Please remove your jewellery when you shower, bathe or swim. As gorgeous as that selfie in the ocean wearing our Skull n Roses necklace may be, it will drastically affect the quality of plating, causing tarnishing.

☠ Wash your hands before handling your jewellery (the oils and acids in your skin can affect the longevity of plating and metal finishes)

☠ Take off jewellery before exercising or playing sports. We'd hate to see anyone hurt whilst wearing our jewellery.

☠ Avoid spraying perfumes, applying makeup , lotions n potions, or hair products directly onto your jewellery (remember, jewellery is the final touch to your outfit, the grand finale to your regime)

☠ Avoid using chemicals or detergents while wearing jewellery (don't decide to bleach n scrub the toilet whilst wearing your triple skull necklace please!)

☠ Remove jewellery before going to sleep. Whilst some of you may be kinda into asphyxiation, death by any of our Loteria necklaces is ill advised thanks 😳

☠ Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth or old cotton T-shirt 

☠ Store your jewellery carefully, keep it free from tangles n knots, store it separately to avoid scratching. There are tonnes of awesome storage ideas out there, try googling or check out Pinterest for some unusual ideas n feel free to share them with us!

☠ Once in a while, clean your jewellery with warm water n mild soap, be sure to dry it immediately with a soft cloth or towel. No harsh scrubbing please!!!

Following the above will ensure your jewellery stays with you, looking it's best for a long time 💚